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and packaging equipment auctions

Q:This is my first time bidding at one of your auctions. What do I need to do?
A:Please view our New Bidder Guide for full information on what we will need from you.

Q:I’d like to preview the equipment, when is that available?
A:We usually have preview days set up 1-2 days before the live/online auction. Each auction has a different schedule so it’s best to contact us to find out the specific scheduled preview dates.

Q:What forms of payment do you accept at your auctions?
A:We prefer wire transfer but will accept a company check with a bank letter of credit.

Q:What is a bank letter of credit?
A:A bank letter of credit is a document provided by your financial institution that guarantees you have funds available in your account to make purchases via check at our auctions.

Q:When am I required to pay for my purchased items?
A:Invoices will be sent no later than the morning following the sale. Payment must be received within 2 business days.

Q:Do you charge sales tax?
A:All state, county and city sales taxes apply at our auctions. Upon registering for each auction, we will send you a tax exempt form. If you qualify, you will be able to return this exemption certificate to use.

Q:What is a buyers’premium?
A:The buyers’ premium is an advertised percentage added to the high bid to determine the total price to be paid by the buyer. If there is a 10% buyers’ premium and an item sells for $1.00, the high bidder will pay $1.10 plus an applicable sales tax.

Q:When can I remove my items?
A:Upon receipt of payment, we clear your items for removal. We have an approved rigger onsite at each auction and you will be put in contact with them. You will need to organize removal of your items with them.

Q:What does the rigging fee include?
A:- The rigging fee is the fee the rigging company charges to load the piece of equipment onto the customers’ trailer for domestic shipping. International shipping may require additional charges and/or custom shipping crates that will be in addition to the posted rates.

- The rigging fee does not include the item being placed onto a shipping skid unless specifically stated the price to place on a shipping skid is included in the rigging fee?

Q:What type of trailer do I send to pick up my equipment?
A: - It is best to consult with the rigging company as it depends on the location, size and type of equipment intended to ship

- If you send in a flatbed or drop trailer, make sure to tell the shipping broker if you need the equipment to be covered with a tarp.

- If you are sending in a van we suggest you ask for a van with E-clips, which means the trailer has clips on the walls so the items can be strapped to the walls to limit shifting in the trailer during transit.

- If you plan on sending a common carrier to pick up your items ie. UPS, Fed-EX, YRC, Old Dominion, Conway, your items must to be secured on a shipping skid and shrink wrapped in order to ship, so make sure to communicate with the rigging contractor.